Charity Raffle

Prize lots for Raffle to Support Charities

As part of The Illusion Horror Con 2023, we have some of the wonderful VIP - Guests offering special Raffles for Charity Events. These can be found further below.

We also have wonderful Physical & Digital Prize Packs on that same page. You get, 1 ticket for $3.00 or 3 tickets for $6.00, for each separate donation you give. Instructions on how to submit donations/raffle entries can be found in faqs. 

We are raising funds for The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and The Trevor Project (TTP). When donating, we ask if you are making multiple donations that you might support both causes. Links are below:

Canadian Mental Health Association (CAN): 

The Trevor Project (USA): 

Mental Health Foundation (UK/EU): 

Citizens Advice East Berkshire (UK/EU): 

Charity Prizes 

Charity Code - Name - Title - System - Available Seats

Secure yourself a Seat for as little as $3 with VIP GMs.

 Fr, Dec 1st 18:00 UTC | Fr, Dec 1st 13:00 EST - Slot 1 - Limbo

Graeme1 - Graeme Patrick - Of Sorrow and Clay - Call of Cthulhu - 3 Seats Open

Scott1 - Scott Dorward - We Had Faces - Unknown Armies 2e - 1 Seat Open

Bridgett1 - Bridgett Jeffries - Carousel of Fears - Call of Cthulhu - 3 Seats Open

Sa, Dec 2nd 00:00 UTC | Fr, Dec 1st 19:00 EST - Slot 2 - Lust

Heinrich1 - Heinrich Moore - Heinrich's Call of Cthulhu Guide to Carcosa - Call of Cthulhu - 2 Seats Open

Sa, Dec 2nd 06:00 UTC | Sa, Dec 2nd 01:00 EST - Slot 3 - Gluttony

Travis1 - Travis Legge - They Came From The Cabin in the Woods - StoryPath - 6 Seats Open

Sa, Dec 2nd 12:00 UTC | Sa, Dec 2nd 07:00 EST -  Slot 4 - Greed

Graham1 - Graham Walmsley - TRANSPARENCY - Cosmic Dark - 3 Seats Open

Sa, Dec 2nd 18:00 UTC | Sa, Dec 2nd 13:00 EST - Slot 5 - Anger

Newman1 - T. A. Newman - The Prisoners Dilema - Call of Cthulhu - 3 Seats Open

Heinrich2 - Heinrich Moore - Heinrich's Call of Cthulhu Guide to Carcosa - Call of Cthulhu - 2 Seats Open

Su, Dec 3rd 00:00 UTC | Sa, Dec 2nd 19:00 - Slot 6 - Heresy

Rina1 - Rina Haenze - Jolene - Call of Cthulhu - 4 Seats Open

Su, Dec 3rd 12:00 UTC | Su, Dec 3rd 07:00 EST - Slot 8 - Fraud

Graham2 - Graham Wamsley - THE DAY OF THE TURKEY - Cthulhu Dark - 4 Seats Open

Onyx Path GM-Giveaway

For all GMs that offer games during the convention, our sponsor Onyx Path Publishing, will be sending out Horror RPG Mystery Bundles after the convention.

GMs must indicate their consent for Illusion Horror Con to forward their E-mail address to Onyx Path Publishing by either the “Get a Support Ticket” button in our Discord #tickets channel, via email at info<at>, or through direct messaging one of the organizers.

Further information about the Giveaway Prizes will be announced shortly after the Con on our Discord gm-support channel.

One Shot RPG Giveaway

For GMs/Players that run games or get into an event, each person will get a FREE Digital PDF copy of his One Shot RPG system "Modern Horror 2e by David Dudka", form-fillable PC Sheets, and an Introduction Adventure for the system. 

Links to the material will be displayed in the individual game threads after the Player Lottery on Sunday, November 26, 17:00 UTC | 12:00 EST.

Thank you, One Shot RPG, for your generous contribution!