What is The Illusion Horror Con?

The Illusion Horror Con is an online RPG convention that caters specifically to gaming systems in the horror genre. It will run from 2 Dec - 4 Dec 2022.

What game systems will be offered at The Illusion Horror Convention?

Kult: Divinity Lost will be the primary gaming system offered. However, any and all horror based systems are welcome and encouraged! Some of our favorites include but are not limited to Call of Cthuhlu, Vaesen, Alien, Tales from the Loop, Mork borg, and many others.

How does the whole game-signup work?

GMs will submit their games on this website under the GM Submission tab from 8 Oct - 29 Oct 2022. Once the submission period has ended, we will release the Player Handbook with the list of submitted games on 5 Nov 2022. The player-signup sheet will be available on this website under the Player Signup tab from 12 Nov - 26 Nov 2022. There, you can select the games you are interested in playing, and a lottery system will randomly allocate spots to the players. The lottery results will be posted on 28 Nov 2022 in the Illusion Horror Con Discord server. GMs and Players must have a Discord account and must join the server to participate!

Players will be notified through @mentions on the Illusion Horror Con Discord server about their game-slots in individual threads. As players, you have 48 hrs to respond and confirm your availability to the game thread before your slot is passed on to the next player in the waiting-list. We will try to make it as fair as possible for players to join games, but keep in mind that certain scenarios and/or time slots may be more popular and therefore more difficult to get into. If you do not get into your desired game do not despair! We will have a pick-up game channel open for games announced during the convention for anyone to join.

For more detailed information pertaining to GM Submissions and Player Signups, please go to the associated tabs on this website. Any furthers questions can be directed to the Moderators in The Illusion Horror Con Discord server.

I have discomfort around certain topics, how will I know which games are for me?

We will be implementing several layers of safety tools to ensure players will get to play the games appropriate for them. There will be a mandatory 3-tier rating system for GMs to rate the horror level of their games as well as listing specific content warnings. Additionally, GMs are also required to use safety tools such as Lines and Veils, X-card, Open Table policy, or others where appropriate. Please contact @organizers on the Discord server if you have any questions.

How do I report inappropriate behavior or comments of the GM, players, or moderators?

If you feel you have seen or experienced any inappropriate behavior please notify the Moderators immediately in the Discord server. To do this, create a ticket in the #tickets channel and a Moderator will contact you ASAP to address the issue. If the issue requires more anonymity please contact @organizers. All participants of The Illusion Horror Con server agrees to the Code of Conduct so any violation will be acted on accordingly. However, also keep in mind that games and events in The Illusion Horror Con can include certain topics that may cause discomfort. Please read the content warnings provided by the GM carefully and ask questions if you are unsure.

What do we do until the Con?

Keep an eye on the Illusion Horror Con Discord, particularly #pickup-schedule channel for game postings from GMs on the server. The published games are all open to the public and can be joined by anyone on the server. These might be play-test scenarios for the Con or games offered to bridge the time.

GMs will also be posting any last minute openings for their games in #looking-for-group or #pickup-games.

Any important updates and announcements will be posted on this website as well as the Discord server.

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