Ask the Author

Are you a fan of horror roleplaying games? Do you wish you could pick the author's brain of your favorite published scenarios? Then you won't want to miss our newest segment of "The Illusion Horror & Con"  - "Ask the Author"!

Join us as we invite the authors of your favorite published scenarios to give their insights, tips, and tricks on how to run their terrifying creations. Together with the GM and players from our actual play, the author will answer your burning questions and describe their intentions, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of their masterpiece.

Matthew Sanderson - Judgement

In Phoenix, Arizona, in the near future, a young woman just underwent an abortion procedure at an illegal clinic. The world is changing far too fast for her and her loved ones. Abortion has become illegal throughout much of the country.  The accelerating power of the far-right dominates the political arena. Activist groups on all sides of the political spectrum are desperately competing for recruits. Political rallies, mostly in favor of the fascist right, are common and growing in size. Global warming intensifies with temperatures rising year-on-year, and a dangerous heatwave grips the city. 

We talked with Matt about his inspiration, tips, and play-throughs of his scenario Judgement.